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CFW series high strength enclosed bus duct

The rated working current of CFW series high-strength enclosed bus duct is 250 A ~ 4000 A, the shell is assembled with cold-rolled rolled profiles, and the copper bar is coated with environment-friendly insulating material. The heat resistance grade of the new insulating material is up to Grade B (130), which greatly ensures the dynamic and thermal stability of the bus. Busbar has high structural strength. Standard sections can be made into 3m, 6m and 8m (according to the user’s requirements). Sockets can be set at any position according to the customer’s requirements. The minimum spacing between sockets is not less than 0.6 m. This type of bus duct has two types of three-phase four-wire or three-phase five-wire, which has the characteristics of rapid installation, convenient use, safety and reliability, and is suitable for power supply in automobile manufacturing workshops, large shopping malls, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, airports and high-rise buildings.