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Product Details

Strengthened casting type fire-resistant busway

Product introduction

Fire-resistant busbar, the fire-resistant casting body is mainly composed of epoxy resin mixed components and inorganic minerals imported from the United States. And is integrally cast with a steel shell. The surface of the steel plate shell is coated with superior fireproof materials. It is suitable for emergency circuit power distribution of commercial and public buildings, and is widely used in places with fire protection requirements, such as fire lines, ships, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal mines, etc.

  • Main advantages

Excellent equipment safety performance (fire resistance and water resistance); Maintenance-free design to reduce operating costs; High reliability.

  • Main characteristics

Rated current 250 A-6300A. Environment-friendly products, flame retardant, can effectively prevent the spread of flame, and no toxic gas emissions. Products meet GB/T 7251.2-2006/IEC 60439.2: 2000, GA-T537-2005,According to the requirements of JB/T10327-2011 and other standards, the fire resistance time is 180min.Anti-ultraviolet, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-fungal corrosion, animal bites. Low voltage drop, high short circuit current value, waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof. Protection grade up to IP68.The busbar casting body is made of epoxy resin mixed components and special inorganic minerals imported from the United States, and combined with unique. The refractory formula is cast integrally.