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Product Details

Insulated casting type low-voltage bus duct

  • Product introduction

Insulated cast type bus duct, composed of high-performance epoxy resin and inorganic minerals (such as volcanic rock) The mixture is integrally poured and sealed with a high-purity copper bar. It is especially suitable for outdoor ultraviolet resistance and waterproof, etc. Special application scenarios, such as subway, shipbuilding and chemical industries, are widely used in power transmission and distribution systems in harsh environments such as ships, chemical industry, metallurgy and coal mines.

  • Main advantages

It has passed CQC certification and CCC certification and has higher safety and reliability. Equipped with special connector casting mold, busbar installation is convenient and fast, and the product is maintenance-free.

  • Main characteristics

Rated current 400 A–5000 A, insulation voltage 1000 V. High-performance insulating resin is used to directly cast and seal the busbar, with a protection grade of IP68, and has passed the test of purple resistance. Verification of external (UV) radiation. Raw materials such as resins and fillers are imported from the United States. The automatic vacuum mixing and pouring equipment imported from Germany can intelligently monitor the batching process on line. At high vacuum ring. The mixture is fully stirred under that condition. Effectively discharging the bubbles doped in the resin mixture and ensuring the uniformity and consistency of the mixture. The unique formula system reduces the thermal expansion coefficient of the material and improves the electrical performance of the insulating material. Frequency withstand voltage up to 35 kV/mm.